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JD/MBA Students’ Association
The JD/MBA Students' Association is comprised of all students currently enrolled in the joint JD/MBA program at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Law and Rotman School of Management. Each year the Association elects an executive committee dedicated to ensuring that past, current, and future students in the JD/MBA combined program have a positive academic and extracurricular experience. Current executive positions include:
President:  Richard Luft
VP Law:  Philippe Perron-Savard
VP Business:  Jordon Elbaum
VP External Affairs:  Russell Goldenberg
VP Alumni Affairs: Marjan Ziadlou
2nd Year Representative: Zack Newton
1st Year Representative:
To ensure that the JD/MBA program at the University of Toronto remains the best of its kind in Canada and amongst the best in the world, the JD/MBA Students' Association is also engaged in a constant dialogue with both the Faculty of Law and the Rotman School of Management. A few things that we have worked to develop are increased and more accessible student financial aid, an extensive and open foreign exchange program, and a responsive communications network.
Each year, our executive organizes a variety of events that range from guest speakers to exclusive visits to some of Toronto's largest law firms. Below is a short list of the types of activities that are available to a student in the JD/MBA program:
Academic Seminars
To promote academic and professional excellence, JD/MBA students have access to a network of upper year students that are always willing to provide advice on anything from resume writing and interview skills to course selection and general academic support.

Torys LLP Speaker Series
Our speaker series, sponsored by Torys LLP, provides JD/MBA students with the opportunity to get interactive and personal with leading business and law professionals in an intimate setting. Recent guests have included Gerry Schwartz of Onex Corporation; Robert Prichard, CEO Torstar Group and Chuck Winograd, CEO RBC Capital Markets.

Alumni Events
The alumni network of the JD/MBA program at Uof T is extensive. Our grads hold positions in industries that range from law to consulting and finance. We even have graduates working in the entertainment industry. Alumni events provide current students with an opportunity to interact with graduates and learn about the employment opportunities available to them upon graduation. As well, students are given the opportunity to learn how the JD/MBA degree will help them become successful in their careers. These alumni events are exclusive to JD/MBA alumni and as such, are in addition to alumni events organized by the respective faculties.

Professional Visits
Our students come from very diverse backgrounds and have diverse career aspirations. Many students are unclear about which path they would like to take upon graduation. To acquaint students with the many possibilities available to them upon graduation, JD/MBA students are invited to visit with law firms, consulting firms, investment banks, and so on. These visits give students an opportunity to speak to top professionals about the type of work that they do.
Davies, Ward, Phillips & Vineberg LLP Welcome Day
The JD/MBA Welcome Day has traditionally been sponsored by Davies and is an opportunity for upper year students to meet first year students and welcome them to the program.  This event has historically been very successful, and is attended both by current JD/MBA students and recent alumni. It marks an important opportunity for first year students to orient themselves with their new colleagues in the combined program, while taking their initial steps towards bright futures practicing law or venturing in the business environment.

JD/MBA Student Mentorship Program

The Student Mentorship Program is intended to provide guidance to first and second year students on all aspects of their student lives, from applying for summer law employment to maintaining a healthy work / life balance.  First year students are matched up with third year students based on similar interests and overall goals.  Thus, mentors are in a great position to help their mentees through the trials and tribulations of being a first year law student and a first year business student. Mentees are encouraged to contact their mentors at any time during the academic year whenever guidance is needed.
The JD/MBA Students’ Association organizes two mentorship nights; one in November and one in February. Mentorship nights involve an informal night out in a social setting. So, mentees can feel free to meet their colleagues and ask questions about the program. These nights have been instrumental in facilitating open and friendly relationships amongst JD/MBA students and in guiding our newest students towards success at the Faculty of Law and the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management. The most recent Mentorship Night was sponsored by McCarthy Tetrault LLP.
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